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Like a foreign language spoken in smoke.

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Nils-Udo, Ferns, 1986

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The Sixth Finger . The Outer Limits . S1E5 . ‘64

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Dolly Adams fights Hattie Leslie, 1894

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The Head (1970)

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Silver crowns in a child’s mouth. Stainless steel crowns are the most common type of crown used in pediatric dentistry. These are what many people call “silver” crowns. These shiny silver crowns are very strong and durable and are a great option if you aren’t concerned about esthetics—or, in other words, good looks. On rare occasions they can cause localized tissue irritation and have been known to be a contributing factor in metal allergies.

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  • Self help is hard.
  • Finding out what’s even considered help is hard.
  • My partner and I are starting a savings account together this weekend to officially move away.
  • I have the cutest septum jewelry in my nose right now.
  • I quit my job last week because I realized that I don’t deserve to “get used to” feeling like shit at a job.
  • I have four blisters on one hand.
  • My cat had her lungs filled with liquid about three weeks ago and she is all better now, but being treated for heart failure.
  • I have been writing more and crafting more.
  • I haven’t taken ANY meds for ANYTHING in about three months and it kinda feels awesome and I kinda feel human and it’s kinda scary, but cool.
  • Kisses, kisses, kisses to everyone.
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